Spatial planning
We create long-term strategies for sustainable urban development
Real estate development and urban planning
  • We develop areas and sites responding to the needs of all the relevant stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and city governments
  • Assessment of projects for compliance with the integrated guidelines for urban development
Natural and non-urban area sustainable development
We unlock the potential of natural sites to counterbalance anthropogenic pollution
Urban infrastructure development
We upgrade urban systems and services and make them more efficient
Urban design, placemaking and public spaces
We create modern and comfortable urban environments
Affordable housing
We work to improve the quality and accessibility of housing
Mobility and transportation
We develop safe and efficient urban mobility systems and promote sustainable urban logistics
Sports, education, science, healthcare
We provide the framework for improving social infrastructure and urban services
Tourism, culture, creative industries
We use placemaking approaches to unlock tourism potential and attract visitors from Russia and beyond
Brand urbanism and communications
We develop brand communication strategies to attract target groups through developing urban projects
Economics and governance
We develop effective solutions to improve urban governance and boost the economy
Urban industries and services
We enable the development of modern urban industries and services
Urban innovations
We are instrumental in introducing the latest technologies into urban projects and processes
Urban safety
We promote a safe, comfortable and livable urban environment
Urban ecology, climate and biodiversity.
We enable the sustainable and resilient development of territories , cities, and regions in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and IFC Performance Standards. We also work with organisations promoting ISO, BSI, SA, GRI and other international standards of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Tackling social inequality
We create inclusive urban environments that meet everyone's needs
Urban employment
We establish an optimized framework for urban business development and train professionals for cities of the next generation
Inclusive environment
We make comfortable, barrier-free inclusive environments for everyone to live and work in
Promoting socially responsible business
We shape business strategies focused on social advancement
Corporate social responsibility initiatives
We craft programmes that combine municipal and business agendas while upgrading the environment and promoting urban development
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A diagnostic approach to the key challenges and needs of specific areas, cities, and regions
Comprehensive diagnostics of key issues and challenges of cities, citizens, and urban economy
Evaluation of programmes and projects
An in-depth analysis of the existing situation complete with benchmarking studies and overviews of global best practices
Data harvesting, processing, and analytics
Benchmarking of global best practices
Specialized, industrial, market, trend watching, and technological research and case studies
Global trendwatching and innovation monitoring
Urban development requirements and toolkits
Sector-specific regulatory guidelines
Guidelines for amenities and facilities use and layout
Form-based codes
Territorial and site management policies
Regulatory frameworks
Guidelines and regulations
Manuals and handbooks
Area and site development strategies of all scales and degrees of complexity
Development strategies
Master planning
Urban development processes in line with the latest international practices, committed to openness and transparency
Best solution contests
Competitive negotiations
Engagement platforms
End-to-end management and quality control at implementation phase, piloting and fine-tuning
Supervising policy and project implementation
End-to-end project management (from conceptual design to design development and construction documentation)
Supervising model and programme piloting
Setting up competence centres
Introducing and piloting innovations
Models and concepts
Tailor-made monitoring and efficiency evaluation toolboxes
KPI effectiveness evaluation
Indices and ratings
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