1. Introduction 
1.1 Strelka KB OOO, hereafter referred to as ‘Operator’, is committed to upholding citizens’ rights and freedoms.
1.2 The Operator’s privacy policy, hereafter referred to as ‘Policy’, applies to any information the Operator obtains about the users of the website. Personal data is processed pursuant to the Federal Law on Personal Data №152-FZ. 
2. Definitions 
2.1 A website is a collection of graphic and informative content as well as a set of software and databases required to make the content available online at;
2.2 A user is any visitor of website;
2.3 Personal data is any kind of information pertaining to a user of website;
2.4 Personal data processing includes any operations or transactions, either involving software or not. 
2.5 Anonymisation of personal data is the process of removing personal identifiers, both direct and indirect, that may lead to an individual or user being identified through the personal data;
2.6 Distribution of personal data is any act resulting in the public accessibility of personal data; 
2.7 Sharing personal data is any act resulting in the accessibility of personal data to a specific group of persons. 
2.8 Erasure of personal data is any act resulting in the irrecoverable destruction of personal data from any device. 
3. Collection of personal data
3.1 The procedure of personal data collection:
3.1.1 The User is free to consent to the processing of personal data for their own benefit and of their own volition. The consent must be specific, informed, and deliberate. The personal data processing consent may be withdrawn by the User. 
4. The scope of personal data processing
4.1 The Operator may process the following personal data:
  • The User’s email address
  • The User’s mobile phone number
  • The User’s full name
4.2. The website also collects and processes anonymous user data, including cookie files. 
5. The aims of personal data collection
5.1. Personal data collection is aimed at the fulfillment of the Operator’s obligations towards the users pertaining to the use of the website and its services including but not limited to
  • Enforcement of the Constitution of the Russian Federation as well as other legislative and regulatory legal acts;
  • Identification of the personal data subject and providing feedback;
  • Providing the personal data subject with website access and services as well as direct mailing;
  • Other legitimate purposes.
5.2 The Operator is entitled to notifying the User of the new products and services, special deals, and events. The User can opt out of the email subscription by mailing the Operator at
5.3 Anonymous user data obtained through website metrics services are employed to store user preferences and browser activities in order to optimize the website content and experience.
6.The legal basis for personal data collection
6.1 The Operator only processes the personal data submitted by the User via the special forms found at By submitting the personal data, the User accepts the Policy. 
6.2 The Operator processes anonymous user data if it is allowed by the User’s browser settings (cookies and JavaScript technologies are enabled).
7. The procedure for storage, sharing, and processing of personal data
7.1 The Operator ensures the safety of the personal data and takes every possible precaution against unauthorized access. 
7.2 Under no circumstances can the User’s personal data be transferred to third parties unless expressly required by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation. 
7.3. In case of inaccuracies, the User can update the personal data by notifying the Operator via email at, with the subject ‘Personal data update’.
7.4 Personal data is processed indefinitely. The User may withdraw the consent at any time by notifying the Operator via email at, with the subject ‘Personal data processing consent withdrawal’.
8. Conclusion
8.1. The present Policy is subject to amendments and updates in line with the modifications of the relevant personal data legislation of the Russian Federation. It can also be altered at the Operator’s discretion. The most recent version of the Policy is available to the public at the website.
8.2. Outside the framework of the present Policy, all relations involving the Operator and pertaining to personal data protection and processing are subject to the existing personal data legislation of the Russian Federation.  
8.3 The Policy implementation is monitored by those responsible for personal data processing with the Operator.